Our Clients

We value our clients beyond words. They gave us their trust and confidence.
We are pleased to acknowledge and recognize the excellence they bring to their sectors.


Annie Prud’homme-Généreux PhD

Director, Continuing Studies and Executive Education

Capilano University

OOKPIK took great care to develop curriculum using open resources, reducing the costs for our learners. The activities incorporated a variety of learning exercises, which will appeal to a wide range of learning styles and will be more engaging for our online learners. We were impressed that around the time when the curriculum was due, COVID-19 happened, and without prompt from us, OOKPIK modified the curriculum to include content related to these events. Larry is very responsive to feedback and takes pride in the finished product.
[August 11, 2020]


Alison Reaves MPA
Manager, Work Integrated Learning
Skills and Foundational Learning

NorQuest College

I can’t recommend OOKPIK Services and Larry White highly enough! Larry created and developed two workshops for one of our new programs. He was accessible, easy to communicate with, and full of great ideas. Larry created visually stunning curriculum that presented impactful and meaningful content with a variety of learning modalities and activities, which supported and engaged all types of learners. In addition to being engaging and visually stimulating, Larry’s curriculum was topical and focused on safely getting students out of their comfort zone and thinking differently. Larry thoughtfully built learning activities and introduced topics in a way that scaffolded student learning, moving students along in engaging and interesting ways. Larry’s final product was absolutely amazing! Working with Larry was also a fantastic experience. He is thoughtful, thorough, and has excellent attention to detail. The first draft of his curriculum and other deliverables were very nearly perfect. With Larry, you get amazing work right from the beginning. I highly recommend working with Larry; I certainly hope to work with him again in the future. [January 16, 2020]