Meet Larry






With an incredible passion for learning and teaching, many of which arise because of the unusual twists and turns in life, Larry has never been one to shy away from unlikely adventures and experiences that have shaped the person he is today.

Extensively travelled, including in Canada from coast to cost to coast, Larry's journey saw him living and working in Inuit and First Nations communities, interacting respectfully and honestly with peoples of vastly different cultures. 

A lover of the natural world and a believer that nature offers the best therapy, he can be found from time to time camping, hiking, canoeing, or rafting. Larry dabbles with nature photography, sky gazing and enjoys time outdoors with his dog, Kumiq.

With more than 35 years of management experience (retail, recreation, client contact centres, and academia), Larry works to nurture environments in which those around him take pride in their work and in themselves.

This has led over the years to Larry being able to articulate his raison d'etre in education:

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Holding a Bachelor of Environmental Studies (Waterloo, 1996) and a Master of Distance Education (Athabasca, 2006), Larry's current goal is to earn a Doctor of Education (Unicaf, 2022 anticipated). His research interests, which lie at the intersection of curriculum development, instructional design and supporting students' mental wellness are focused on the fundamental question:

How do students, educators (faculty, instructional designers and program managers) and mental health practitioners believe that Universal Design for Learning principles can most effectively be adapted in order to mitigate the barriers to academic success that can arise as a result of the mental health challenges that students are increasingly facing?

Larry's first foray into curriculum development came in 2005 when Algonquin College made the decision to deliver all general education electives online. In the Registrar's Office as Manager, Client Service, he repurposed the staff training program for online delivery, thereby ensuring that his team were better able to support students by providing them an online learning experience.

Since that initial experience, he has gained considerable experience both developing and designing curriculum and project managing teams of course developers and instructional designers.


To learn more, please visit Larry on LinkedIn.