Milestone Achievements

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As a curriculum development and educational services provider, we are very proud of the milestones we've achieved and our accomplishments over the years as a demonstration of our professionalism and as an illustration of the level of excellence that you can expect. More importantly, we recognize the role these accomplishments play in helping others achieve their dreams.


We've included a few relevant milestones from Larry's early days in instructional design.

2020 - Ookpik Services Inc. receives its first client testimonial after completing its first project. With 55 students registered, the courses provide space for thinking and self-reflection as well as "a space for community support."


2019 - Ookpik Services Inc., represented by Larry, attended the World Conference on Online Learning in Dublin, Ireland, and delivered a short address on the topic of supporting students' mental health from inside their courses and programs.


2016 - Larry and his team planned and embedded a two-tiered, 24/7, mental health support service for students, similar to an employee assistance program, within an academic program at no additional cost to students. This was the first such application of this form of student support, of which we are aware, in the world.


2010 - New staff orientation and training program designed and developed by Larry for his team of client service representatives in the Registrar's Office, was customize and adopted by Algonquin College for onboarding all of new hires.

2009 - Building and Maintaining Customer Relationships, a continuing studies credit course designed and developed by Larry, was adopted by many Ontario colleges and included as either a core or elective course in a variety of certificate and diploma programs.


2008 - Environmental Citizenship, a continuing studies credit course designed and developed by Larry, was approved and adopted across Ontario as a General Education Elective.