• Larry White

Minding Their Minds: Adapting UDL to support student mental health, resilience & hope for the future

Academic success is challenged by a variety of matters, such as the transition into post-secondary life, new and overlapping deadlines and priorities, grades, financial considerations, and more (Gorczynski, 2018; Linden, u.d.). On their own or when combined with other stressors such as living away from home, peer pressure, and relationships, the toll these take on mental well-being can be daunting, intimidating and even paralyzing as they erode one’s resilience.

It is necessary, therefore, to problematize the factors and circumstances that, increasingly, inhibit academic success by adversely affecting the mental health, resilience and confidence of post-secondary students. It is incumbent on educators, academics and learning professionals, to experiment, explore and find new ways of helping students mitigate these challenges in order to focus on the goal of academic success.

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